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Few highlights need to take care while pitching your start-up…

  • Relate business idea with the real life incidents - in case of targeting any pain area, focus should be on investors own experience.
  • To prove product worth, need to fit business idea in investors worldview.
  • Product USP should be clear and focused, why customer will pay and use your product/service even competitors are in marketplace.
  • In the starting phase if you are still exploring some more solution, do not hesitate to mention that too, reason being the purpose of pitch should be enlighten the facts or the real picture not to bluff.
  • Only pitch do not close the investment deal, facts and data should be provided to investors so that they can get the full insights of the project and they can get into the depth. Investors do their own analysis to select any start-up so all details provided should be authentic.
  • Roadmap should be clearly defined and more specified.
  • It is said that “to complete the journey, driver should be perfect with the car” - in start-ups it’s great team that makes success, if possible get a specialist from each core area including finance, technology and marketing.
  • Analysis should be clear and concrete and mention about prospective plans in details.
  • Target customer and Market should be defined, the strategies that can help you to stand in the market should be defined in detail.
  • Make sure Pitch should be qualitative instead of quantitative as so much stuff may become reason for loosing investors focus.

Please make a clear note, pitch deck cannot hold all the required information so make it a stair for next meeting with investors, make Investor curious by the pitch and help him to get what actually he is looking for.

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