• time to make way to china again !

    2017/dEC/04 - 2017/DEC/13

    Let's collate flowers to create a beautiful bouquet of Indian start-ups eco-system

  • About this trip

    The “ZDream China business trip” is dedicated to bridging China-Indian startup eco-systems. We hence invite Indian CEOs to visit China from 2017/DEC/04 to 2017/DEC/13, to help them understand the Chinese markets, learn from the success of companies like Alibaba and Tencent, acquaint with the new trends in China and meet their Chinese counterparts and also, their potential investors.


    In March of 2017 we took around 60 Indian CEOs visiting the Ministry of Industry and IT of PRC, Indian Embassy, Hangzhou Government and big tech companies like Alibaba, Tencent, Huawei, Fosun, Shareit and more. This was a huge success, also validated by the highly positive response received by our delegation.

  • moments of the Previous trip

  • Visit to Alibaba Campus

    Meet With Tencent Investment Head

    Mi Headquarter

    In Fosun Group

    Meet With Shareit Founder

    In Huawei Headquarter

    Visit the Industry and Information Technology of the PRC

    Meet with Indian Ambassador

    Meet with the Hangzhou

    Municipal Government

    Sightseeing in The Forbidden City

    On Great Wall

    On the World's first Maglev Train

    at the speed of 430 km/h

  • what's new this time ?

  • 2017 Global young entrepreneur summit

    About the Summit

    The Global Young Entrepreneurs Summit”, hosted by XFZ and FZ Capital, has become one of the top summits in the field of venture capital investment. The finest minds from Silicon Valley, India, Israel, Japan, China, and other regions under the spotlight get together to showcase development trends and blueprints of startup companies and investment, aiming to foster hot areas such as consumption upgrade, enterprise services, fintech, and artificial intelligence; in the process creating a new ecosystem for investment in startups.

    2017 XFZ Global oung Entrepreneurs Summit will once again be held in the Sofitel Wanda Beijing Hotel. Members of the elite from the United States, Israel, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, Mainland China, Hong Kong, and Taiwan come together for the most exciting gathering of the year.

  • 2016 global young entrepreneur summit - review


    Guest Speakers

    2400 ㎡

    Exhibition Space


    International Media


    Professional Audience


    Streaming hits


    Billboards for startups of the year


    Guests from 4 of the global top business destinations


    Focusing on the topic of 4 main sectors


    Senior Management Personnel



  • Guest speakers of 2016 global young entrepreneur summit - REVIEW

    Qasar Younis

    COO of Y Combinator

    Dovi Ollech

    Founder of Emerge Group

    Zhang Ying

    Founder of Matrix China

    Michael Ma

    Partner of Liquid2VC

    Justin kan

    Partner of Y Combinator

    Rui Ma

    500 Startups

    Zhu Xiaohu

    Founder of GSR Ventures

    Li Li


    Zheng Hengle

    Lighthouse Capital

    Wu Haiyan

    China growth Capital

    Bao Fan

    Huaxing Capital

    Xu Xiaoping

    Zhen Fund

    Xiao Wenjie

    Founder of Fenqile.com

    Li Tao

    Apus Group

    Shen Peng


    Li Jing

    XFZ Capital

    Dai Wei

    Founder of OFO

    Lin Yilun

    Founder of Funye

    Li Heng


    Wang Yuzhi


  • WHAT else you can get from this trip ?


    Start-ups, investors and industry experts will share experience in the event and the same will contribute to create insights that will assist in the growth of the startup ecosystem.


    This event will lead to create good networking as all industry experts, startups and investors will come under a same roof. This will be proved as a win win partnership meet.


    Exchange of ideas always leads to innovations. Technology advancement and creativity can be achieved by sharing individual views and experience.


    China and India both have USPs in their ecosystem. Exchange of ideas, resources and experiences between both will create legacy and having such exposer will lead to get clear blueprints of success.

  • Strategic media partners of previous trip

  • Support media of previous trip

  • Conference

    Conference with a vision to create a legacy by bringing together the basic pillars of any country’s development focusing on Technology, Media and Telecommunications industries. Mainly the contributors of economy such as Entrepreneurs and investors.

    ZDream Demo Day

    We will hold ZDream Demo Day in both Beijing and Shanghai, will invite the VC organizations and investors to meet with the Indian start-ups.

    It's the best chance to communicate with the most Chinese VCs in one single venu. 

    Business Visit

    We promise to assist not only to raise funds but all other opportunities to grow in startup ecosystem, here we are with an offer to Visit the most renowned Chinese Conglomerates (Baidu, Xiaomi, AliBaba, Tencent, Huawei etc.) and Government offices (Indian Embassy in china, Ministry of Science & Technology etc.


    Experience a new and advanced tech Era, life in cashless economy and high-tech exposure. Sharing bicycle "ofo" and some other unique concepts which are proved to be success in the latest competitive business age.

    Tech Tour

    A tour for advanced technology which is already recognised throughout the world in transportation (high-speed Bullet train & Maglev train), health care, Artificial Intelligence, ecommerce, last mile delivery concepts and latest infrastructure.

  • china trip Agenda

    Day 1: 05/Dec/2017 Tue @Beijing

    Early Morning Flight from Delhi to Beijing

    Hotel Check-in in and Lunch

    Campus visit to Peking University

    Start-ups Street cruise

    Welcome banquet with some Chinese investors and entrepreneurs

    Day 2: 06/Dec/2017 Wed @Beijing

    Event: 2017 Global Young Entrepreneur Conference

    Networking Party

    Day 3: 07/Dec/2017 Thur @Beijing

    First half Visit Cheetah Mobile

    Second half Visit Toutiao

    ZDream Demo day & Networking dinner with Beijing VCs

    Day 4: 08/Dec/2017 Fri @Beijing

    First half visit Shareit

    Second half visit Didi Chuxing

    Dinner banquet with Indian Embassy in Beijing

    Day 5: 09/Dec/2017 Sat @Beijing

    First half visit to the summer palace

    Second half visit to The Great Wall

    Afternoon take a flight to Hangzhou

    Day 6: 10/Dec/2017 Sun @Hangzhou

    First half visit to the Jack Ma founded Lakeside University

    Second half sightseeing around the west lake


    Day 7: 11/Dec/2017 Mon @Hangzhou

    First half visit to the Alibaba campus

    Second half visit the E-commerce warehouse

    Afternoon take a bullet train to Shanghai

    Day 8: 12/Dec/2017 Tue @Shanghai

    First half visit Fosun Group

    Second half visit the top Fintech company LU.com

    ZDream Demo Day & Networking dinner with Shanghai VCs


    Day 9: 13/Dec/2017 Wed


    First half get to the top of the 2nd highest building in the world - - 632 meter high Shanghai Tower

    Experience the first maglev train in the world at the speed of 430 km/h

    Take the flight back to India

  • About the fee

    The expenditures of the China trip (including – China visa, International air tickets, China domestic air tickets, Business Visit, sightseeing, conveyance and accommodation) will be covered in the package at the cost of 1.8 lakh INR per person.

    If without the international air tickets, the cost will be 1.3 lakh INR per person.

    Note: 15% service Tax is applicable.

    The accommodation is provided on Double occupancy, if you need single occupancy, 25000 INR extra charge is applicable.



    Please reach below SPOC in case of any query/concern.

    Name: Prateek Singh

    Contact: +91 95993 83588

    Email: prateek@zdream.in

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