• Chindia TMT Dialogue Conference 2017

    Thursday, 16 March 2017, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Four Season Hotel, Liangmaqiao Road, Beijing

  • Jack Ma

    Founder, Alibaba

    I myself commit that we will invest more in India, work with Indian entrepreneurs, India technologists to improve the relationship of the two nations and to improve the great lives of human beings.

    Narendra modi

    Prime minister, india

    This is one of our most important strategic partnerships because of the re-emergence of India and China and the relationship will have a profound impact on the two countries.



    I have visited China many times and it’s very inspiring to see how Chinese entrepreneurs are building businesses, which is very different from the way it is done in the US. The innovations in China are awe-inspiring and are much bigger in scale than innovations in the US.

  • ——conference highlights——

    Get a pulse of the future of the Chindia TMT Industry

    1000 +


    200 +


    20 +


  • Super DIALOGUE

    From China To Global:New Energy 、New Pattern--- The Opportunities & challenges on globalization Phase 2.0

    Mr. Yu Yongfu

    Alibaba Group

    Mr. Leijun


    Mr. Satyan Gajwani

    Times Internet

    Mr. Kunal Shah


  • Super Dialogue

    China Model, Indian Story

    Mr. Jing Xiandong

    Ant Financial

    Mr. Vijay Sharma


    Mr. Zhang Yiming

    Byte Dance

    Mr. Viru Gupta


  • TENTATIVE speakerS

    Mr. Vijay Keshav Gokhale

    Indian Ambassador

    Mr. Deepinder Goyal


    Mr. Kunal Bahl


    Mr. Karthik Reddy

    Blume Ventures

    Mr. Nipun Mehra

    Sequoia India

    Mr. Dheeraj Jain

    Redcliffe Capital

    Mr. Karan Mohla

    IDG India

    Mr. Anand Prasanna

    Iron Pillar Capital

    Mr. Manish Kheterpal

    Waterbridge Ventures

    Mr. Ashish Taneja


    Mr. Anand Goel


    Mr. He Xiaopeng


    Mr. Yan Fei


    Mr. Li Tao


    Mr. Lu Liang


    Mr. Wu Xinhong

    Meitu Inc.

    Mr. Yang Luyu


    Mr. Shi Yi


    Mr. Zou Xiaowu


    Mr. Liu Chunhe

    Solo Launcher

    Mr. Duan Wei


    Mr. Wu Xinhong

    Meitu Inc.

    Mr. Song Chunyu

    Lenovo Capital

    Mr. Wei Haijun


    Mr. Zhao Yong


  • TENTATIVE agenda

    Thursday, 16 March 2017, 9:00 AM - 5:00 PM

    Four Season Hotel, Beijing, China


    09.00 AM- 09.30 AM:Registration

    Main Conference

    Moderator: Jason Wang, CEO, ZDream


    09:30 AM-09:40 AM

    Welcome Address by Ministry of Science and Technology of PRC


    09.40 AM-09.50 AM

    Welcom Address by Mr. Vijay Keshav Gokhale, Indian Ambassador in China


    09.50 AM-10.00 AM

    Welcom Address by Mr. Amit Li, Founder of Zhudao


    10.00 AM-10.20 AM

    Go Global China, Expand your Reach Abroad


    10.20 AM-10.40 AM

    Despite all the Odds, the Miracle Rise of Indian Tech Industry


    10.40 AM-11:00 PM

    The New Age: How the newly emerging economies of Asia can break through the encirclement ?


    11.00 PM-11.20 PM

    The Draphant Dance: Indian Story, China Model


    11.20 PM-11.40 PM

    Experience Sharing: The opportunities and challenges Chinese companies faced to Go Global in this Mobile Internet era


    11.40 PM-12.0 PM

    The Disappearing Boundaries: New investing opportunities in global ecosystem for China/India/US based VCs.

  • Tentative Sub-Conference

    Apps, Content & Gaming


    14:10 PM-14:30 PM

    Shifting the Focus:

    From being a search platform to information portal, how the companies are evolving


    14:30 PM-14:50 PM

    The Future: Will short illustrative videos be the next hot content bonus for these emerging markets ?


    14:50 PM-15:10 PM

    Expansion & Monetization:

    Studying the expanding opportunities of companies by going global.


    15:10 PM-15:30 PM

    User Acquisition & Retention:

    Understanding the winning formula of companies.


    15:40 PM-16:10 PM

    Elevator Pitch by 10 selected startups


    16:10 PM-17:20 PM

    Interaction with the person:

    The important factors, though variable, determining the success of this emerging segment

    E-Commerce, Logistic & Consumption


    14:10 PM-14:30 PM

    Increasing the Share by Expanding the Market Reach:The emerging integration trend between online and offline retail businesses.


    14:30 PM-14:50 PM

    Building up the Brand: How to build up your brand image amongst the youth in this Mobile Internet Era ?


    14:50 PM-15:10 PM

    Make in China, Sell it to the World:

    Opportunities for Consumer industry across the world.


    15:10 PM-15:30 PM

    Customer Tactics: Adopting customer friendly policies to gain the market share.


    15:40 PM-16:10 PM

    Elevator Pitch by 10 selected startups


    16:10 PM-17:20 PM

    Make the deal happen:

    Comparing the Consumer market in China, India & other countries.

    Fintech & More


    14:10 PM-14:30 PM

    Opportunities Ahead:

    The new opportunities for Fintech industry with the upgradation of Economic Structure


    14:30 PM-14:50 PM

    The Fintech Market:

    Understanding the payments industry and managing other segments of Fintech Industry.


    14:50 PM-15:10 PM

    Overcoming the Obstacles:

    Risk evaluation for lending platforms in the emerging market.


    15:10 PM-15:30 PM

    Studying the Consumer Market:

    Finding and reaching out to the end users who are willing to pay in the low income market


    15:40 PM-16:10 PM

    Elevator Pitch by 10 selected startups


    16:10 PM-17:20 PM

    Comparing world’s most innovative Fintech industry in China along with other emerging economies

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    ICICI Bank

  • retrospect THE splendid moment of

    Chindia tmt dialogue conference 2016

    The host & esteemed guests are doing the traditional Indian lighting ceremony.

    retrospect THE splendid moment of

    Chindia tmt dialogue conference 2016

    Mr. Shi Dongwei, CEO of Alibaba India, is giving a speech.

    retrospect THE splendid moment of

    Chindia tmt dialogue conference 2016

    Mr. Peesh Chopra, Chairman of EVC, is giving a speech

    retrospect THE splendid moment of

    Chindia tmt dialogue conference 2016

    Mr. Liu Jinsong, Counselor, Embassy Of PRC in India. is giving a speech

  • WHy attend ?


    Connect and Network with the high-level attendees in TMT industry globally which includes 1000+ entrepreneurs, 200+ top investors, 20+ influencial medias.


    •How China and India can engage more in TMT industry ?

    •What’s China’s TMT start-up environment like?

    •Find out your China couterparts, and learn about the similarities and differences of you & them.



    Sponsors can network with participants of startup and venture capital ecosystem and join the discussion on the disruption and innovation that is transforming the Indian Internet space.

    Branding & Marketing

    The conference will explore the newest ideas in the TMT space the impact of technology innovation in all of these areas.

    Address the Audience

    Based on the level of participation, sponsors have the opportunity to address specific audience with an exclusive dedicated session around their company theme.

    High Visibility & Exposure through Media

    In addition, partners can gain high visibility and exposure through niche media platform and extensive networks

    Exhibit & Showcase

    The partners will get a unique opportunity to showcase, talk and profess about their products, technologies, solutions, and services to the influential delegates and solutions.

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