• the final dream come true via a new model for startups to bloom

    Indian startups + Chinese jugaad

  • What start-up really needs

    is what we can offer at ZDream

    Chinese Jugaad

    How Chinese startups survived in the battle with global giants, What is the Chinese Jugaad, we are here to provide you all the techniques.


    Not only investing on our own but also bringing strategic Chinese investors with more value.


    Together with the top APP distributors and API developers, we can always make your APP evolved better and downloads grown faster.

    Media Publicity

    Running the leading India-themed Tech Media zdreview.com in China and as strategic partner to iamwire and other Indian media.

  • Think higher

    We try to figure out how to transfer the best of China to India

    in a much faster and workable way.

  • the new hub for indian tmt

    We believe in finding and supporting the best startups across the country that are using technology and the internet to help solve the world's problems.

    ZDream Accelerator

    We fund, incubate and accelarate.

    We actively support these teams with strategic thinking and access to transformative resources to enable market expansion.

    Chindia TMT Dialogue Yeahmobi Leomaster Cheetah Mobile Inveno Zhudao

    Chindia TMT Dialogue

    Twice a year in both Delhi and Beijing

    Being separated for so long, two nations need to engage more, government to government, industries to industries, companies to companies.

    Zhudao ZDream Demo day

    ZD Demo Day

    Monthly meet-ups with Chinese and Indian investors and other startups

    Search and work with the brightest emerging enterprises to awaken innovation across the region and around the world.

  • our portfolio

    It's just the beginning.

  • Milkbasket

    Milkbasket delivers milk, bread, eggs, butter, juices and other daily need items, every morning, right at your doorstep, free of charge.


    a digital incubator cum network for the technology ecosystem that helps professionals and new-age entrepreneurs to build innovative products & companies.

  • ZDream news

    Analysis, events and investments.

    In recent days, it’s been observed that start-ups are pulling their shutters down even after getting good response in the market. There can be several reasons or factors for these shut downs as about 80% or more start-ups gets fail in few years’ post launching or some are being acquired in less...
    Relate business idea with the real life incidents - in case of targeting any pain area, focus should be on investors own experience.To prove product worth, need to fit business idea in investors worldview.Product USP should be clear and focused, why customer will pay and use your product/service...
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